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Koasati Pines Score Card


  • 01 | 566 Yards, Par 5

    One of few opportunities for birdie on the back nine. This par 5 typically plays into a south wind. Big hitters can normally reach the green in two, while others will choose to lay-up towards the right center of the fairway leaving a short approach over the creek to a protected green.

  • 02 | 417 Yards, Par 4

    A demanding par 4 with water coming into play along the left side of the fairway. Players will want to play for the right side of this fairway leaving a medium to short iron approach to a green protected by water along the front of the green.

  • 03 | 160 Yards, Par 3

    This rather short par 3 is a good chance to get a shot back. Players will have a medium to short iron tee shot to this two-tiered green, which is narrow yet deep.

  • 04 | 418 Yards, Par 4

    Accuracy is the word for this hole! A pond on the left comes into play, while a long fairway bunker guards the right side. Most players will choose to play conservatively and tee off with a fairway wood leaving a middle to long iron approach.

  • 05 | 439 Yards, Par 4

    This could be called the calm before the storm. This hole will be the last chance at a good score on the back nine. A generous landing area will help all level of players find the fairway. A good drive will leave a mid or short iron to a large green.

  • 06 | 446 Yards, Par 4

    Known as "quick sand" bunkers come into play on all shots. With a bunker bisecting the fairway, players must choose a longer more conservative route to the right or short and aggressive route to the left. A bunker guards the front of this green taking the chance of birdie out of the player's bag.

  • 07 | 235 Yards, Par 3

    This hole is the beginning of three of the toughest holes on the front nine. At 235 yards, a well-struck shot is required to find the putting surface.

  • 08 | 460 Yards, Par 4

    A precise tee shot will be needed on this sharp dogleg to the right. A fairway bunker and hazard running down the right side will persuade most players to play out to the left, leaving the player with a mid iron to an elevated green.

  • 09 | 624 Yards, Par 5

    Not your normal par five. This 624-yard hole will take a little work from the player to get home in three. On this challenging finish, water comes into play on all shots.

  • 10 | 613 Yards, Par 5

    Don't hold back, this is the grip it and rip it hole! A wide fairway gives a player a good chance at getting home in two. The conservative players will be faced with a choice of which fairway to use for the lay-up and approach. It could be their hardest choice.

  • 11 | 428 Yards, Par 4

    Slight dogleg to the right with a hazard down the right side. Aim at the left fairway bunkers with a slight fade. This will leave a mid iron to a shallow green.

  • 12 | 198 Yards, Par 3

    If there ever was a place to play safe this is it. Club selection is critical; the approach is a carry over water with a long iron.

  • 13 | 456 Yards, Par 4

    A straight hole that adds bite due to its length. A good drive will leave the player with a long iron to this green which is framed by bunkers on both the right and left side of the green.

  • 14 | 421 Yards, Par 4

    Slight dogleg left with water coming into play off the tee and approach shot to the green. The front of this green is guarded by a medium sized bunker while one in the rear will collect balls hit long.

  • 15 | 467 Yards, Par 4

    Long par 4 with water down the right side. Most players will choose to aim at the set of tall pines on the left side. Good drives will leave the player with a long iron approach.

  • 16 | 225 Yards, Par 3

    Long par 3 that is well protected by both a lake and greenside bunker. Most second shots will be played from behind this green, due to the length of the tee shot.

  • 17 | 456 Yards, Par 4

    With bunkers to the left and right of the fairway, an accurate tee shot is required on this difficult par 4. If the player finds the fairway, a well struck long iron or fairway wood will be required to reach this elevated and heavily guarded green.

  • 18 | 588 Yards, Par 5

    Our signature hole. At 588 yards, hole 18 sets the player up to make some tough decisions. The tee shot will set the tone; aggressive players will go for the green in two (all carry over water) while conservative players will choose to lay-up to one of two fairways.