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Sports Betting 101


There are many ways to get in on the sports betting action at The Rez. Here are an easy-to-follow video and guide on placing the most popular sports bets.

Straight Bet
A straight bet is an individual wager on a game or sporting event. There are three types of straight bets: Money Line, Point Spread and Total or Over/Under.

  • Money Line
    A Money Line bet simply involves picking one of two teams to win the game without using the point spread.

  • Point Spread
    To win a Point Spread bet, the favorite must win by more points than it’s expected to win by (the number value as listed by the sportsbook.)

  • Total or Over/Under
    The Total Bet concerns the combined score of the two teams at the end of a game, as set
    by the sportsbook. When placing over/under bets, you are betting either the game total
    will go over or under the designated combined score.

Parlay Bet
Parlay Bets are wagers on multiple games in a single bet. All chosen bets must win for the parlay to pay out. The benefit of the parlay is the pay out – you can bet a small amount and win big. If one of the games results in a tie, it’s called a “push” and your parlay ticket is still “live”.

Teaser Bet
A Teaser Bet is similar to a parlay in that you can bet on at least two games. Teasers allow you to shift a point spread in your favor by certain designated amounts. This gives you a better chance of winning yet the payout is lower.

Futures Bet
Futures Bets are bets placed on a sporting event that will take place at a later date.

Round Robin Bet
A Round Robin Bet is a series of smaller parlay bets on multiple games. For example, a three-team Round Robin is made up of three two-team parlay bets – Team A vs. Team B, Team A vs. Team C and Team B vs. Team C.

Proposition Bet or Prop Bet
With a Prop Bet you can bet on a single event within a game. You can place a prop bet on what the score will be at halftime or if the game will go into overtime, for example.

In-Play Bet
In-play Bets are bets you can place on the Money Line, Point Spread or Total after a game or event has started.



Here is a list of the most common sports betting lingo you can use to talk – and play – like a pro!

  • Sportsbook – An establishment that accepts bets on the outcome of sporting events
  • Bookmaker – The person or establishment that sets odds and/or points
  • Wager – A bet on a sporting game
  • Vigorish or Vig – The commission a sportsbook charges on each bet
  • Ticket – The record of your wager
  • Action – Any kind of sports wager
  • Point Spread – The number of points the favorite is expected to win by
  • Opening Line – The first odds or point spread for a specific sporting event
  • Line – The current odds or point spread of a specific sporting event
  • Closing Line – The odds or point spread when the specific sporting event begins
  • Cover – Winning by more than the point spread
  • Limit – The maximum bet amount before the bookmaker changes the odds and/or points
  • Off the Board – When bets are no longer being offered on a specific sporting event
  • Push – When a point spread wager lands exactly on the line offered by the sportsbook
  • Pick ’em – An instance in which neither team is favored. The winner of the game is also the spread winner
  • Straight Up – A wager when you only need a team or individual to win a specific sporting event without regard to the point spread
  • Underdog – The team or individual that is less likely to win than the favorite
  • Hook – A half point. If a team is a 3.5 point underdog they could be referred to as a “three and a hook”



  • Q: How old do I have to be to place a bet at The Rez?
    A: You must be 21 years or older.

  • Q: What is the maximum amount I can bet?
    A: The Rez will determine minimum and maximum wagers on all sports events.

  • Q: Can I place a bet for someone else?
    A: No guest may wager or attempt to wager on behalf of another person or entity.

  • Q: What kinds of sporting events can I wager on at The Rez?
    A: You may place bets on the following sporting events:

    • NFL Football
    • College Football
    • MLB Baseball
    • NBA Basketball
    • NHL Hockey
    • Boxing & MMA
    • Auto Racing
    • Soccer
    • PGA Golf
    • Tennis
  • Q: Where do I collect my winnings?
    A: To collect your winnings, return your ticket to the betting window or the main cashier cage.

  • Q: What happens if a line changes after I bet?
    A: Once your bet is placed, you’re locked into the line listed on your ticket.

  • Q: Can I bet on a game after it starts?
    A: After a game begins all full-game wagers are locked. However, there may still be other in-play options to bet on.


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