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Coushatta Casino Resort has the most slots in Louisiana. Search through our list of slots to locate your favorites! Search by game title, denomination, type, manufacturer and now, volatility!

Slot Volatility

Low Volatility

Low volatility games tend to pay frequently, but with smaller amounts. They are perfect for players who are looking to stretch out their play time.

High Volatility

High volatility slots equate to high risk. Their payouts, while larger, are fewer and farther between. They are perfect for players who don’t mind a long "dry spell" in order to have a shot at a big win.

Medium Volatility

Looking for something in-between? Try medium volatility. Note that while a low volatility slot will likely give you a low volatility experience (and vice-versa), it's no guarantee.

In the end it is still random and you can experience low volatility pays on a high volatility machine and vice-versa.

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